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Sunset 3 by sinakasra Sunset 3 :iconsinakasra:sinakasra 113 2 Moon by KlausScherwinski Moon :iconklausscherwinski:KlausScherwinski 68 3 Solhelm inn district. by Suzanne-Helmigh Solhelm inn district. :iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 487 71 Medieval City by LeeroyVanilla Medieval City :iconleeroyvanilla:LeeroyVanilla 40 19 Dead City by MichaelBrack Dead City :iconmichaelbrack:MichaelBrack 609 58 Fantasy City by RobertCrescenzio Fantasy City :iconrobertcrescenzio:RobertCrescenzio 149 10 Tower City by mlappas Tower City :iconmlappas:mlappas 263 26 Prydain Chibis by CaptainMinette Prydain Chibis :iconcaptainminette:CaptainMinette 27 19 Culpeo Fox by Culpeo-Fox Culpeo Fox :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 968 34 Niko by WolFirry Niko :iconwolfirry:WolFirry 106 3 10,000 Stars by SilentRavyn 10,000 Stars :iconsilentravyn:SilentRavyn 297 14 Gift from the Tree by Zummeng Gift from the Tree :iconzummeng:Zummeng 446 23 Drum Circle by SilentRavyn Drum Circle :iconsilentravyn:SilentRavyn 272 18 Coyote and Fire by KatieHofgard Coyote and Fire :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 455 13 Flurrhi Design revamp? by Skeleion Flurrhi Design revamp? :iconskeleion:Skeleion 498 17 Centenario by WolFirry Centenario :iconwolfirry:WolFirry 117 6

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Savage Beauty
Lights on the hill
Flickering shadows
Whispering about
:iconlevico:levico 1 0
In the dark
In a tower
By the black sea
I sit with you
And you scream
But I hear you anyway
And put it away
On paper
Or in my heart
:iconlevico:levico 1 0
NVskies by levico NVskies :iconlevico:levico 2 0
Autumn Sun
We’re here, singin’ the blues . . . what’re we gonna do? Stroke that bass, hit up the brass
Fill me full of your funky tunes
And we’ll lie here . . . forever
Get up and I’ll follow you
Across the golden hills and silver streams
Autumn sunlight on the grass, winter chill in the breeze
Follow me and we’ll go somewhere we’ve never been
You and me and only us
:iconlevico:levico 0 0
I.D. by levico I.D. :iconlevico:levico 4 1 Beware of Drop (Dubstep Animation) by levico Beware of Drop (Dubstep Animation) :iconlevico:levico 3 0
A Teaser (Werewolf Mystery Content)
Luki dropped a tangle of wires and broken, camouflaged plastic at my feet. I realized what it was when I knelt to look closer. "Why did you bring me a hunter's camera?" I asked, poking it to look for savable parts.
"I found that just outside your backyard," Luki growled. "It was pointed at your house."
I glanced outside my sliding door into the moon-lit night and frowned. "Okay. That's a bit creepy, I'll admit."
"Can you take the role out and look at the pictures?"
I turned back to the camera. The casing was cracked and pretty much useless, but there was a chance I could get the internal memory card. "I can try. Why'd you break it, anyway?"
"I couldn't get it off the tree. I have paws, you know, not fingers."
"You hold root beer fine."
"Whatever. Can you do it?"
I broke open the case to reveal the inner circuitry. "Yeah." After a moment, I found what I was looking for. The small, eight-gigabyte chip would fit my camera, with luck.
And it did. Once I had everything plugged in to my desk
:iconlevico:levico 1 1
Darick Wanderer by levico Darick Wanderer :iconlevico:levico 1 0 Soldier of the North by levico Soldier of the North :iconlevico:levico 0 0
Sail Me to Sleep
Catch the wind in mainsails high,
Race the dark and stormy skies,
Land ahoy! To port we ride,
And there we drink our hearts to nigh.
'Twas a pirate's ship we met,
Swords were drawn and bowstrings bent.
Fight and die! Did we cry,
And on the crew gave we death.
Catch a lass's kiss so sweet,
In the meadow did we meet.
Oh, aye! I love you so,
Please stay with me 'till I go.
I lay here dying but at rest,
A cutlass blade through my chest.
Oh! I am sorry to tell,
That I won't return to your breast.
Even as the light now fades,
Still I see your flawless face.
Kiss me, love! I'll see you soon,
I'll be watching down from grace.
Catch the wind in mainsails high,
Race the dark and stormy skies,
Land ahoy! To port we ride,
And there we drink our cares to nigh.
:iconlevico:levico 0 0
Daughter of the Sea by levico Daughter of the Sea :iconlevico:levico 0 0 Practice by levico Practice :iconlevico:levico 4 0 Yay by levico Yay :iconlevico:levico 1 0 Me by levico Me :iconlevico:levico 3 0 Doctor by levico Doctor :iconlevico:levico 2 0 Lev 3.0 by levico Lev 3.0 :iconlevico:levico 1 0



levico's Profile Picture
Greg Carson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am more of a writer than an artist, but I enjoy sketching things from time to time. I am greatly inspired by a lot of things here, a lot of talented individuals.
I also enjoy metalwork, in particular bladesmithing.

... Hope you enjoy being female Greg. ;w;
Er, Tumblr. I meant Tumblr.
You can find me under the name LevicoFox, believe it or not, the name Levico was already taken. 0.o The clever bastards.
I'll probably be posting mainly writing on there, not much else.
  • Listening to: The voice in my head.
  • Reading: What I have created.
  • Watching: Other peoples' lives wasting away.
  • Playing: The game of life.


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